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Are you breathing?

Ok, so I know you are breathing obviously because you are reading this piece of exceptional literature. What I mean is 'are you actually breathing?', let me explain.

You may not realise this but as a western society we are all becoming shallow chest breathers.

We sit at desks, we sit on sofa, we sit at tables in these hunched over, cramped positions. You and I both know your posture is most likely shot to shit too, but sitting in these positions is doing so much more than causing back ache. Sitting in these comfortable, yet lazy positions are inhibiting your body's ability to breathe adequately. Sitting hunched over is limiting your diaphragms ability to move, your chests ability to expand and your belly's ability to swell, meaning the air we are breathing in is barely making it past our chest, this is our chest breathing. Chest breathing is making your shoulders, neck & back tighten, giving you headaches and in some people and situations causing heightened stress. Over the weekend try draw attention to your breathe and see how you're breathing. If you are limiting the flow of air to your upper body take some deeper breaths are just see how much better you feel. These deep breathes are different to the yoga 'suck as much air in as you can' breathes, these breathes should be just deep enough for you to start doing them naturally with little to no physical or mental effort. You can continue doing this while you're at work too! If you have an office job try setting sporadic reminders to draw your attention to your breath. Now breathe! Let me know if you're a chest breather & send me a message on fb!!



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