A shirt for women

This is what you’ve been waiting for! 

A new level gym shirt for all ladies, everywhere!

No more stopping mid workout to pull your shirt down to cover your belly and boobs!

This shirt has been designed for women like YOU!

Two layers, one shirt!

Tuck the bottom layer then the top layer covers the bottom layer!!

Right up to size 5XL! A shirt for every size!

Made from:

87% cooling Polyster, 13% Elastane, 89% Supplex, 11% Lycra

Means they're light and easy to care for, and appropriate for women everywhere!

Step by step nutritious eating program

A delicious, easy and quick eating program for mum's who want to achieve weight loss goals, fuel their body with nutritious whole food recipes and cook meals the whole family will love! 

The hardest part will be picking which combination of our phenomenal recipes you'll be cooking each week!

Our program is designed to take the guess work out of deciding what to have for dinner by giving you a tailored program letting you choose what you want to eat each week.


By purchasing our program you'll never ;

- worry about what you're going to have for dinner

- wonder if your meals it fits into your calories target

- question if your meal selection this week will undo all the hard work you've spent trying to lose weight and be healthy

- spend hours trolling through the internet looking for healthy recipes you and the family will love

We know you will love this program as much as we do and so many of our clients have!