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Hey, I'm Shea!

About me:
Founder & owner of Gym & Tonic Movement!

The Full Story

Welcome to community our where women support, encourage and inspire each other just by being ourselves.​


I am a

+ Mother


+ Business Owner

+ Podcast Host

+ Traveler

+ Eater

+ so much more!

​I love experiencing everything life has to offer; especially food, movies & anything that will make me laugh.

​I have a dark self-deprecating sense of humour, so if you can laugh at yourself then you are welcome here!​

Gym & Tonic Movement initially started as an avenue to change my life dominated by anxiety and stress, to one of happiness, joy and freedom but has over time created my biggest passion; our community, the services we provide and the impact we have on women.

​Over the years I have invested in myself through continuing education, mental health experts and health & fitness and now I endeavour to pass on what I have learnt about acceptance, support, fitness and weight loss to help you live your life for you and your babies, so you can be the happiest, most inspiring person you are!​



To provide women with a safe, judgement free support system to feel worthy, valued, loved and live their happiest lives so they can inspire others to do the same.


For all women to see the magic and beauty in being their most authentic self, in both their body & their beliefs about themselves and the world. 

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