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Your brain is a b*tch!

Isn't it funny how almost every woman you know has to draaaagggggg themselves to the gym or to training.

Even though they say they know how much they love it when it's over.

Isn't it funny how even though you know you're going to be singing from the hilltops once you've finished, the second an excuse comes up to not go to the gym we latch on to it HAM.

Isn't it funny how every person goes through phases where they just sit on the sofa watching Netflix every night, feeling like shit & all grumpy the next day as a result because they just 'can't find the motivation' to do it?

Have you ever considered why we're all the same and why something that brings us so much joy is so hard to consistently do, yet something that makes us feel shitty is so easy to do?

Do you know why all this happens?

Because our brains are hardwired to choose the path of least resistance.

Our brains just choose what is

easiest. It's decided that making an effort is tough a lot of the time and we prefer to do the easier one even if we have to accept fewer rewards to avoid having to try harder.

Did you know this?

So you haven't actually lost motivation.

You haven't actually stopped enjoying the exercise.

You don't actually prefer to watch Netflix.

Your brain is just doing you dirty and picking what's easiest.

Ok, so how can you undo this hardwiring and stop picking the path of least resistance?

Who knows?! Haha!

However some strategies suggest that rewarding the journey opposed to the result can help to adjust out patterns, making the hard work easier to do opposed to focusing on the end result!

So next time you literally have to drag yourself off the sofa to get to the gym think of a little rewardy ward you can get yo self to celebrate!

The pt in me wants to say 'the reward is the exercise', but the normal me thinks something new & shiny or edible is more appropriate!

Shea xx


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