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Yesterday I chose me over my family. Here's why..

If you read my email a few weeks ago you'll know I've decided to add running back into my training schedule.

I created a plan of walking for a few weeks to build into running.

I've been so successful sticking to my plan since I sent out that email, and have experienced so many benefits over this times- as per usual with any exercise.

Yesterday for Queensland was a public holiday, which means my husband was home & so were my girls.

In the past I have found having my husband at home is a perfect excuse to skip my workout so we can spend time together.

But not yesterday.

I chose to still go ahead with my plan.

I figured I that my walk/run would take 30-45mins.

I could spend this extra time with my family or, I could do something for myself for a really short amount of time and spend the rest of the day feeling amazing from my exercise induced buzz, and enjoy the time I am with my family, while also being proud of myself for sticking to my goal.

Family time is so important, especially when our babies are so young.

But a 30minute workout doesn't make a terrible mother.

My girls don't miss out on time with me.

My husband gets to reap the reward of my good mood.

And overall my day is just better.

Finding time to workout can be hard, but it's totally worth it.




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