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What's the deal with eating as a woman?

When were trying to reach a goal, especially fat loss, we become so focused on restricting our calorie intake & trying to move as much as possible to reach this goal, that we over look some of the important factors of health & fitness that support us achieving these goals.

One of the biggest factors I see over looked regularly is protein intake & when to refuel our bodies.

Generally speaking when we consider how much protein we want to consume we calculate between 1.2-2.4g per kg dependant on goal.

*But WHEN is the best time to consume protein & refuel your body when you're working out regularly?

The best window for refuelling post exercise for women is between 30-45 minutes.

This is because our bodies are primed at this time to; absorb & distribute consumed carbohydrates to replenish the muscles and liver, and also move amino acids to your muscles, to repair and build them bigger and stronger.

This time frame is only 30-45 minutes for women, but can last up to 3 hours in men. Highlighting how women are different from men when it comes to training, and why post workout nutrition is so crucial for women!

*But what happens if you regularly skip meals or don't bother to eat post workout?

Not consuming enough fuel after your workout, puts your body into a catabolic state where it breaks down muscle, and increases cortisol. These two actions increase the likelihood of fat storage, while decreasing muscle mass & growth.

So timing your post workout snacks is crucial, particularly if you are a female, to increase nutrients, reduce stress levels, and promote muscle growth and proper recovery.

So rather than skipping meals and trying to starve yourself skinny, approach your training & goals with a plan and see just how much more successful you are!


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