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We all have that one friend..

We all have that one friend who is super self deprecating, especially if they think it will make others feel better about themselves.

This friend is funny, outgoing, helpful, selfless, genuine, kind, honest and more.

But this friend makes jokes at their own expense so often we start to think does this person see the beauty they bring to the world?

Does this person actually feel this way about themselves to the point that they only really seem to notice their flaws?

Does this person like anything about themselves or are they just being funny all the time?

Sometimes this friend is us.

Sometimes we put ourselves out there on the line so much, that we begin to believe that we are just the shit fights we laugh about with our friends.

When in fact you are so much more.

Today I challenge you to make a list of 5 things that you're good at. These don't have to be things the world sees; you may be really good at guessing the time even when you can't see a clock, or maybe you're really good at reverse parallel parking or something in between.

Now see if you can bring this skill in to conversation with some one and be proud of the self deprecating humour & joy you bring to the world, as well as your abilities.

Maybe your ability to see your own virtue will inspire them to see their own.




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