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How much protein do you need?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Sometimes we go massively over board with trying to reach our goals, and this can hinder our progress when we go 'fuck it, it's too hard.

So let's start small, why do you need protein?

Simply, protein is made of little building blocks that build muscle and repair muscle, make and regulate hormones and can be used as a last resort energy source.

How your goals affect your requirement.

If you are looking to build muscle you will need a higher amount of protein vs if you're trying to maintain muscle and lose weight, where you will need a lesser amount of daily protein.

Do you need to use supplements?

No, you don't always need to use supplements to reach your protein goals.

However if you are struggling to reach your protein requirement through diet after actively trying to add more through your meal choices, supplementation may be a route you can consider!

So how do you know how much you actually need?

When working out the requirement of protein required per person for fat loss we use the following calculation;

1.2g protein x kg- per day.

So if you weigh 80 kg you will need 96g of protein per day (80x1.2=96)

If you are trying to gain muscle you can consider up-ing that intake to 1.6g per kg and apply to same calculation.

Happy calculating!


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