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Struggling with self care? Read this.

Did you know there are different types of self care? There are actually 5 different types of self care.

So maybe you're struggling to find time for self care because you're trying to squeeze in something that doesn't align with your life right now.

Read through these 5 different types and see if one of them sings your name!

Physical self care: includes all forms of exercise & movement, eating nourishing foods, skin care routines, nails, and things that celebrate your physical body.

Emotional self care: honours your emotions, recognises your triggers, while understanding your thinking patterns to establish coping strategies and tools to help you overcome challenges and keep you resilient.

Spiritual self care: nourishes your soul, strives for inner peace, purpose & meaning. This can include religious worship, meditation & having a higher faith.

Intellectual self care: challenges, strengthens & nourishes your mind. From furthering education, reading a book or watching a documentary; anything that will take your mind to the next level.

Social self care: This one needs little explaining about your options but I'd like to remind you humans are still very social creatures (including you introverts). Our brains need socialising to be happy and stimulated.

While you don't need to these all at the same time, just picking one or two per day can make the world of difference to your mood & lifestyle.

I've only recently reconnected to reading and writing (hence all the emails), and just doing this two activities so regularly has transformed my mindset so much that I can't believe I went for so long neglecting them

I'd love to hear what you choose to add or already do for self care!


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