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Stress management tools that work for me as a mum & woman.

If I don't manage my stress well it wipes me out for literally weeks.

Just over 3 weeks ago I had to buy a new phone.

Spending so much money on myself (even though its a tax deduction) triggered me so much that I end being run down and sick for the last 3 weeks.

For me sickness & stress causes me to feel exhausted and unfortunately exercise, which is what I need, only makes my symptoms worse to a point where I can barely function if I try to push myself.

So how can I manage my stress when I can't train?

I focus on the things I can do.

  1. I focus on my diet, and prioritise nutrient dense, warm foods.

  2. I cut/ reduce caffeine (I know some of you just snorted into your coffee at me).

  3. I focus of breath work and meditation. Sometimes this is just 10 deep breathes or a 1 minute guided meditation.

  4. I rest when I can & clean up my sleep hygiene- no phones before bed or in the bedroom.

  5. Getting outside in the sunshine (with suncreen).

  6. Communicate with my husband that I don't feel great and that I'm stru ggling with feeling so tired.

Stress as a mum/ working woman/ woman is unavoidable, not matter how much effort we put into trying to control our day.

Self care is always paramount but it's not always going to look the same.

Experimenting with tools that help and you can put in your tool box to adjust when needed, is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I'd love to know if you have any other stress management tools! You can DM me on social media!!





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