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Self care & guilt.

Last week I took a week off to help with some burn out I was feeling, but also as a prevention tool so I don't get to breaking point again.

Self care, time off, self love is something I wholeheartedly believe in and promote, as you probably know.

Even with this I still experience guilt with doing these things.

The days before my week off I was really rolling through the emotions about taking time off, even though I knew and could feel I needed it.

My whole community, my family and my friends were all incredibly supportive, but my overly strong work ethic was sending my mind in to over drive.

My thoughts circulated through things like:

  • People will think I only work 9 hours a week, why would I need time off.

  • My husband works full time and he only gets Christmas time off. Why should I get to take time for myself.

  • My clients will all leave me and find somewhere they can train more consistently

Even when I placed rational narratives alongside these thought patterns, being in a state of burn out forced these points to become moot, and the anxious negative thoughts win.

Now I'm on the other side of my week off

  • I feel more energised and ready to create again

  • No one left me- in fact I had more people enquire and want to book in for free trials!

  • My community is booked in and ready to get back in to it!

  • My husband is happily trotting along in his blissful existence of having me as his wife.

Taking time for me isn't an easy feat that comes to me naturally.

I make the time for me because I know how miserable & horrible burn out makes me feel.

I am not willing to sacrifice a life of happiness because I let my guilt get the better of me.

I will continue taking time for myself because this is what's best for me, my family and my business.

Now you know I feel the guilt too, I implore you to also push through the guilt and take sometime for you, in whatever capacity that may me.

It does not have to be a week off, but you need it sis.

If you're not already, head over to my insta as I share more ways you can add self care into your life.

Shea xx


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