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Let's reflect on the old year before we bring in the new year..

2023 has been absolutely shit for me, and if halfway through this year someone told me I would be grateful for the fog and challenges I faced, I would have cried (again).

Yet, funnily this is exactly how I feel; grateful.

For the first 6 months of the year I was felt like every decision I made was wrong, my anxiety, frustration and self doubt were wildly out of control, and the year just kept getting worse & worse.

It became so bad that at one point I was heavily consider my options with Gym & Tonic Movement, applying for second jobs and trying to get back into the nursing industry (I have a Bachelor of Nursing).

I was so lost, emotionally exhausted and burnt out. It's been a while since I cried, but I cried a lot over the first 6 months of this year.

I am so fortunate to have some truely amazing people in my life, who reached out to me, unwaveringly supported me, and gave me the positivity I needed when I couldn’t find it in myself.

To those people, I am so grateful for you, your unconditional time, support and light.

I realised at one point that I couldn't keep moving forward constantly being on the back foot. So I took a week off work, cancelled all my sessions and suspended all memberships. I realised that I hadn't taken a week off work to regroup and relax since 2015 (that's 8 years). Sure, I have taken time off work but I was completing my bachelors, getting married, having babies and keeping babies alive. All of which I am sure you agree is not 'time off'.

Over this week off I put the girls into daycare for extra days, deleted all social media apps off my phone and I sat around, did nothing and really took care of myself.

That space cleared all the fog in my mind and provided me with more clarity about myself and future than I have had in many years.

This has led me to having my biggest month in business ever! Welcoming 30+ new women to our community in 5 months (who have fit in seamlessly) and I've had the creative freedom to plan internal & external challenges, ladies nights and more!

I feel more connected to my purpose within this space, and I am so refreshed and excited again about what I can bring to Gym & Tonic Movement.

The week off really emphasised to me the importance of managing burnout and self care.

But I am so grateful for the hardship of this year and cannot wait to keep moving forward with what I’ve learned and share this space with those who want to be here!


I share this story not as a woe is me, but to offer some perspective so that in the times when you feel like there is no way out, or everything is falling to shit around you, there will be light.

I feel I cannot stress the importance of self care enough to you, if you don't already appreciate it. But for me as I move forward I promise you that I will be prioritising managing myself more, and I hope that my example will inspire you to manage your own.

Thank you to everyone who has read my emails/ blog over the last 12 months and I am excited and hopeful about the magnificence 2024 will bring.

Happy New Year!




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