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Mental health & motherhood

Last week I canceled all my sessions because I needed a break.

If you listened to my last podcast about 4 weeks ago you'll know my headspace has not been great for the last few months.

I don't have postpartum depression but my mental health is something I have to take seriously and prioritise. In this, is part of the reason I am so passionate about motivating and inspiring women & mums to love & prioritise themselves.


The week before last the camels back broke and I just needed a break.

I realised that I haven't actually taken a chunk time for myself, in solitude to decompress since 2018.

So I took a week off.

I put the girls into daycare for an extra day.

And promised myself I would do nothing.

Which I did.

So in the the last week of doing nothing it gave me the space to clear my mind and actually create something I think you need right now.

In July I will be launching a once off program called 'Clear Mind Space'.

It is a 4 week transformation course designed to help women like you reconnect and priorities yourself, when we are suffocating under all the things we 'should' be doing.

Small steps chosen by you to help improve your mind every single day.

If this sounds like something that could be up your alley then keep an eye on my instagram @gymandtonicmovement or facebook as I release more details over the next few weeks!

Or if you can't wait and you know you need a buoy you can message me now and I can give you the details.

Even if you know this isn't for you, take this as your message from the universe, from your angels, gods or whatever reasoning you need to take a day for yourself.

Give the kids to your parents.

Stay in a hotel for a night kid free (they won't die)!

Put your kids in daycare for an extra day.

Whatever you worry will happen won't.

And your camels back will be safe for some time.




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