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How to lose weight without becoming a grumpy mole!

Last week I sent out an email about how hunger affects your mood more than we often realise.

But what happens when we do want to lose fat, but we also want to avoid becoming a grumpy mole?

Well first off so much of Gym & Tonic Movement and my ethos is about loving & accepting yourself and your body in all it's beautiful forms.

But I also know that sometimes even when we love ourselves and our bodies sometimes we still have fat loss and physical goals.

These may be for health, may be because you have been 'Livin' la Vida Loca' and need to reel back in the calorie spending or maybe you just haven't had the time or energy to put yourself first and this has finally shifted.

These are the times we can consider:

  1. Do I love myself?

  2. Am i setting this goal because I think changing my body will bring me happiness or am I setting this goal because it's something that I know is right for me on a multifaceted level?

When your goal becomes more than searching for internal love by changing your exterior you will have a greater understanding and appreciation for the journey.

Ok, so how can we lose weight without being a grumpy mole and giving up?

My recommendation is maintenance weeks.

To lose weight we need to eat fewer calories (calorie deficit).

To stay the same we eat the same amount of calories (maintenance calories).

To gain weight we eat more calories (calorie surplus).

This means you can eat fewer calories for a week and lose 1 kg, then have a maintenance week and stay the same, the head back into a calorie deficit the next week to continue to lose weight.


With this lengthen the fat loss journey? Yes it will.

Will you feel less grumpy etc? Most likely yes.

Will you be able to stick to your goals longer? Most likely yes.

Will you still reach your goal? Yes.

Fat loss isn't always down.

But what is more important than just consistently losing fat as a mother & women is your mental health.

Only you can prioritise that.

Your mole in spirit,



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