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How often should you train to see results?

The answer to this question as always is it depends.

It depends on your goals, your body & your lifestyle.

But generally speaking people typically have 3 main areas they would like to achieve results in: Health (general & mental), fat loss and muscle/ strength growth.

Without taking in any personal circumstances we can generally assume the following minutes per week are the minimum amount of time you should be moving your body to see a noticeable improvement in the following areas;

Health (general/ mental)- 30-60 mins

Fats loss- 60-120 mins per week

Strength/ muscle growth- 90mins +

The more you can move your body, the greater results you will yield in a shorter time.

It's very easy to start our goals with I'm going to train 5 times per week, when really all we want to do is feel better about how we look and feel about ourselves.

Finding time to train 5+ per week is a challenge at the best of times, and is incredibly disheartening when you fail to reach this goal.

Applying the above timeframes can empower you to find the time to move your body, without feeling overwhelmed at the sheer amount of time you believe you need to commit.

If you're struggling to find that space that makes you want to exercise then come along for a free trial with us, and finally find that joy in moving your body 30-60mins + per week!

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