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Exercise buddies are great, until they're not.

Exercise buddies are fantastic! They provide support, accountability, fun, a new approach to training and so much more. They keep us motivated and in many instances are one of the main reasons we look forward to working out. They become our comfort zone; that feeling of safety and assuredness that we will be ok. When we put all our eggs in one basket, what happens when that workout buddy get sick, makes plans or the relationship dissolves? We lose our momentum, the anxiety of working out sets in again and we basically fall off the bandwagon. Either totally stopping or feeling like we have to start again. This is why it is important to fall in love with movement, form connections with other people and find a great trainer! Joining a gym is easy, going to the gym is much harder. Or of course join an amazing group training community, like ours! Do you have a workout buddy? I'd love to know! Your best workout buddy, Shea

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