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Busy at Christmas? Here's what to do!

The month of December & Christmas is so incredibly busy for everyone.

While it's supposed to be relaxing and a time to regroup and wind down after a huge year, for many people this is rarely the case.

Our routines, as consistent as we are, do tend to go out the window.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you to still practice loving yourself, and recognising that it's ok to skip a workout, or eat a meal.

Normalising that life happens, and we will not fail if we end up skipping a week of workouts is how, I believe, we truely find balance with nutrition and exercise.

You've got a whole life ahead of you sis to make the weeks count, once you stop pressuring yourself to move, you'll look at exercise in a whole new light.

If you make it to a workout, then you're a powerhouse and you know you'll feel better for it even if you are exhausted.

If you're busy and don't make the work out then you're still a powerhouse, but you know you'll feel better at the next one!

Let's go December!

I have decided to stay open over the whole Christmas period, so if you are looking to keep moving send me a DM on @gymandtonicmovement on any social media platform!




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