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Are you dressing for you?

If you're been here a while you'll know that I haven't always loved my body & i desperately wanted to be a 'skinny stick' for all of my 20's. My body love has increased infinitely since having babies, which is interesting to me because so many women hate their bodies more after having babies. Something that really shifted my love for my body was when I started dressing for my body shape and asking myself 'do i actually like that, or do I just like it on her', when I was online shopping. It's so easy to fall in love with the current fashion trends especially when we are saturated in these seamlessly edited photos where the garment looks amazing on the model and she looks incredible too. It become easy to forget that;

  • her body has been chosen to suit the particular garment

  • she has make up and a spray tan

  • she's posing

  • the photo is edited (sometime to the point the garments colour has changed)

I have an hour glass figure so shift dresses, oversized shirts, short skirts are not super flattering on me, even though they look amazing on these models and I wanted to look amazing like them they simply don't do that. The simple question 'do i actually like that, or do I just like it on her', motivated me to move away from purchasing clothes that were designed for shapes that are taller and much thinner than my shape, and helped me see how beautiful my shape through the bodies of other women. If you have an hour glass figure and you love short shorts & shift dresses then power to you babe! You must always wear what makes you feel like the goddess you are, and I love seeing women oozing confidence through her appearance. But if you're at a point where you always feel self conscious in how you look (even though you know there's nothing wrong with how you look), maybe it's time to reassess your body shape and start questioning are you dressing for you, or are you dressing for trends. Shea

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