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3 apps I used for my health as a female personal trainer.

  1. Insight timer- meditation app

I love this app & it's probably my favourite health app! This app is perfect for beginners who are new to mediation and people who are looking to deepen their connection.

I love that is has different options for mood, whether I am stressed or just in it for maintence. It has shorter and longer sessions for those days I am time poor or when I need a bit more me time! I recommmend this app to everyone!

2. Flo- cycle tracker

I am relatively new to tracking my cycle, but it's definitely something I wish I had started years ago and will be encouraging my girls to do also.

There were so many cycle tracking apps when I initally started looking at my options, but the main reason I chose Flo was the all inclusive information you have access to not just relating to your cyle. There are articles, group chats and videos discussing sex, sleep, pregnancy & so much more. To me it's an all inclusive women's health app. Not just a period tracker.

3. Pintrest- creativity

OK, I understand this one is a bit out there when we consider health, but for me this app is so great for my mental health. I easily get stuck in the doom scroll on social media which makes me really frustrated because I hate being unproductive, Pintrest is still scrolling, but I find it engages me creatively, shows me things I would never have considered adding to my life, and encourages me to have more outlets in my life. Don't get me wrong i have loads of pins saved that I'll NEVER get to, but so many of them I manage to use which is so lovely.

So these are my top 3 health apps! I hope they inspire you to use them in your life too!




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