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4 reasons why you're craving sugar, and how to stop.

It's a habit- you started eating a chocolate bar at 2pm because you were tired & thought it looked yummy. Now every day at 2pm your brain thinks it's time for another chocolate bar. Try swapping out for a sweet tea or just not having it for a few days and notice how the cravings fade away. You're bored - hey mama, you're overwhelmed & over stimulated but you've actually done nothing that excites you! So you're reaching for that sugar for that sweet sweet lil dopamine hit! Try doing something small that excites you instead. Maybe it's watching a 2min YouTube clip on how to entertain your kids or maybe it's something a bit bigger like a workout. You're still hungry- ok so you're trying to lose weight, so you eat an apple & protein bar for breakfast, a garden salad with chicken for lunch and some nuts in the arvo, but fuck me your starving. Your energy is low low low, so what's going to power you up? That's right, sugar! Try eating more earlier in the day, focusing on fibre and protein and see how you feel! Your meals aren't satisfying- veg & fruit are amazing and should be eaten in high quantities, plus they're low cal so win! But if you're not eating fats, proteins and carbs your poor little brain is going to freak the fuck out and say gimme all the sugar! So again, reassessing your meal choices to make sure your brain is happy is going to make sticking to your diet a whole lot easier. Sugar is the best, Shea

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