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4 girly reasons why you need to eat more protein & 5 easy ways how.

Proteins are made up of chemical 'building blocks' called amino acids. Your body uses amino acids to build and repair muscles & bones, and makes hormones and enzymes. They can also be used as an energy source.

That's super cool right? Probably not if you're reading this blog.

'But WHYYYYY should IIIII focus on it' I hear you yell through the computer.

Here are 4 girly reasons why you should eat more protein over both the other macros nutrients.

  1. Protein helps you build muscles. More muscles means you burn more energy, which means you can either eat more and stay looking the same, or you can lose weight eating the same.

  2. Protein helps you feel fuller, so you will absolutely stop those mid arvo snacks because girl, you'll be too full to eat them.

  3. Protein is harder to digest than other macros, so you're again burning more energy simply eating

  4. Protein makes us strong and strong is in and skinny is out.

I have always found fitting my required amount of protein to be so hard, so here are 5 easy ways I increased my protein intake:

  1. I have bone broth every morning with 2 eggs.

  2. I put more meat on my plate and eat it first.

  3. I try to add mushed up beans to as many dishes as I can- things like spaghetti and lasagne are perfect

  4. I have yoghurt before bed every night after dinner, instead of dessert. It hits that sweet craving and is actually doing something for my body.

  5. I know have a list of high protein snacks and make sure I eat them after my work out and then prioritise them if feel snacky in the arvo.

I hope this helps clear up the importance of protein for you.

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