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3 things I've learned trying to lose weight.

You live, you learn. Right? These are the 3 most important things I have learned since I stopped dieting and just started loving my body.

  1. (*Muscles help you burn more calories, because they use more energy when they move.) When you crash diet and don't priorities protein intake you lose a lot of muscle as part of your 'weight loss'. Then when you resume eating normally your body has less muscle mass to burn calories, which makes it easier to gain more weight. In turn you repeat the crash diet, repeat the muscle loss & repeat the weight gain. Now you know why you put on more weight than you lost.

2. I ignored my hunger cues for so long trying to skip meals to lose weight, that I stopped being able to recognise when I was hungry, then I'd end up overeating because I was starving. Now I eat a meal at breakfast & lunch, even if I'm not hungry to avoid binging and also balance my emotions. Yes, I get hangry and as a mum this is not something I want my kids to be on the receiving end of.

3. Take away & alcohol are so high in calories & so easy to consume that if you reduce the consumption of both of these things regularly, you'll lose more weight than if you actually tried to diet.

Losing weight is hard, especially if we don't have the education and support to do it properly. If this is an email you enjoyed and learned from I'd love to hear from you on Instagram! Shea xx


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