Female Personal Trainer

What you get!


We focus on using exercise to improve women’s health and mental health with the bi product of weight loss!

We offer specific pre and post natal safe training, Metafit, MetaPWR, bootcamps and more!

We are an intimate boutique bootcamp and strive to offer the best service available to our clients.


We have an amazing community of strong, encouraging, friendly women! Plus we have loads of fun and you’ll get in a great work out!

You will have access to

- Gym and Tonic Movement's ladies nights (movies, trivia, games and heaps more)

- obstacle courses (like miss muddy) and other activities we participate in

- access to our fb page where we share recipes, work outs and photos from our sessions

- A community of women

- We run monthly competitions where you could win, free sessions, Two Butchers vouchers and more!

Plus 24hour support from us to help you reach your goal!

Training with us means you’ll also get


10% off Two Butchers

20% off Lorna Jane


We would love to work with you to achieve your goals!!

I’ve never felt so much achievement in working out until I joined your boot camps! Your such a great motivator and really help reach my goals! 
Highly recommend!!

I love training with Gym & Tonic Movement.
Shea has not only made me feel very welcome and comfortable but also gives me a push when she knows I need it and can work harder!!
Shea will go out of her way to help you with any questions or queries and make sure you are comfortable if you have any injuries! There is lots of variety in the sessions, Shea will always switch it up.
I bring my kids along to most of my sessions so training with Gym & Tonic Movement is like my second family!

I love training with Shea and the friendly bunch of ladies at Gym and Tonic. I usually bring along my just under an year old man with me to the sessions (since I don't really have anyone to look after him at home) and Shea has always been so supportive and accommodating with him, not to mention she runs around carrying him in her arms just so I can focus on my training! Where would you find an instructor like that! She's just a humble lady who fills my heart with gratitude 
At gym and Tonic there's never a repeat workout in the same week Shea always has something challenging yet fun for us to do. So glad I've found this boot camp. Keep up the good work Shea, stay amazing at what you do

Highly recommend!!! :)
Shea is an amazing trainer, friendly & motivating. thankyou for getting me back to a healthy lifestyle and challenging me through bootcamp sessions.
i ♡ that i can bring my kids along if i need to or enjoy sessions at night for my time.
Shea is the best!!!


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