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Stop reducing your carb intake!

Ok, so this is something I hear quite frequently even though we're not in the mass hysteria that is the 'carbs are the enemy' movement. Ultimately, if you feel any food is the enemy (except kale) then you may want to reconsider why you think that way, because all food should have a place in your diet.

When we think of carbs what comes to mind? For me when I think of carbs I think bread, pizza, chips, pasta, which are what would be considered a lower nutritionally dense carb.

But do you want to know what else is a carb?






Potato (you probably knew that though)

And all the other fruits and vegetables.

Now while all of these are low carb fruits and vegetables they are still carbs, and they are considered highly nutritionally dense, and we need them both to function.

We need them for a healthy gut (which also gives us healthy mental health (they are irrevocably intwined)), energy to think, move and survive, for happiness because they are delicious plus so much more.

When we are considering changing our diets to achieve a healthier life, NOT just to lose weight, rather than cutting or reducing your food intake start considering the quality of the food you are consuming.

Instead of cutting out pizza, pasta or bread, because girl I know you love them, try filling your day with more nutritionally dense carbs, like fruits and veg and see how much:

a. better you feel

b. less hungry, angry and frustrated you are

c. fuller you feel, with more energy

d. less pasta, bread and pizza you need to eat to feel satisfied

Love that lifestyle for you!

If you have any questions about diet & nutrition hit me up on social media @gymandtonicmovement!

Hooray for carbs!

Shea xx


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