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My husband joined the gym with me..

And phew did it highlight some holes in my knowledge.


Don't get me wrong the principles of fat loss (move more than you eat) and muscle & strength building (push the limits: hard) can be applied to any exercise.


But I barely train upper body.


A few push ups here, a few rows there.


Legs and core is my jam.


My husband on the other hand is not so fond of the leg work, which put me on the spot of 'what the hell workout are we going to do together?'.


On top of this Harry finds the gym boring.


And as you know, I am supposed to be an expert in making exercise fun, so the pressure was on.


What I do know is men train differently to women. We enjoy different things. We have stronger attributes compared to each other.


But because I didn't have a plan on what to do for a workout, we did the saddest upper body workout there is.


A few rows, a bit of triceps & a hell of a lotta standing around thinking about what to do next.


So what's the point in me telling you about our sad gym experience?


  1. I love a good story

  2. If you're going to work out solo or with a partner have a plan. Don't go in there assuming it will come to you- it rarely does.

  3. If you're overwhelmed at the best of times with what to do in the gym seek professional advice- maybe a pt, or come and join us at bootcamp  

I assure you I am far more organised there.


Next time we workout together I'll have a plan and hopefully I can change his mind on how boring working out can be!


Wish me luck.


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