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Converse for training?

A question I am getting asked more & more frequently is 'why are people wearing converse to training?'

Let's explain..

A converse shoe has a hard flat sole which is ideal when you are lifting weights, as it allows your foot to properly press into the floor and engage and build energy to move the weight. Having a proper foot/ground connection is important when you are focusing lifting large weights.

When we look at a running shoe, these are often very cushioned to protect our joints from the impact of striking the ground and also for comfort while we run.

Running shoes aren't ideal for lifting weights as often the cushion inhibits our ability to create a strong foundation to lift, and in contrast converse are not an ideal running shoe due to the lack of cushion.

I hope this clears up some confusion about what type of foot wear to wear when training!

Head over the my insta @gymandtonicmovement and let me know what type of shoes you wear!

Shea x


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