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Burnout & how I help myself.

You may know last year was a bit of a mess for me.


At the time I couldn't understand why I couldn't pick myself up when I was normally so good at bouncing back.


I realised that I hadn't taken time off since 2018, and I was burned the eff out.


One night I decided enough was enough and I need to take a week off. To have a break from the cycle of working, mothering, wife-ing, running a house hold, over thinking and the 100 other things I do in a day.


It was in that week that all the fogginess cleared from my brain, and I finally started feeling myself again.


I promised myself at that point that approximately every 6 months I would take a week off work and reconnect, take a break and slow down.


But not all good intentions come to fruition.


It has now been 9 months since my last week off, and girlfriend let me tell you I am ready for a break. I can feel those negative thought pattens and habits seeping back in, but this time I will not let them win.


So next week I am taking a week off work.

I'll be sending my girls to school for 3 days.

Deleting social media and emails off my phone.

And doing sweet FA for the week.


Lots of my symptoms I didn't realise I was experiencing or I easily dismissed them because I was so busy.


Until I hit the bottom.


I understand that not everyone has the option to take a week off work/ kids/ family life, but I also know that you will not magically feel better one day if you don't force yourself to have time for you, in what ever capacity that may be.


So here's a little list of things you might be going through, which is your body telling you 'you need a break'.


Physical symptoms

  • Headaches

  • Stomachaches/intestinal issues

  • Fatigue

  • Frequent illness

  • Changes in appetite/sleep.

Emotional symptoms

  • Helplessness

  • Cynicism

  • Sense of failure or self-doubt

  • Decreased satisfaction

  • Feeling detached or alone in the world

  • Loss of motivation.

Behavioural signs

  • Reduced performance in everyday tasks

  • Withdrawal or isolation

  • Procrastination

  • Outbursts

  • Using substances to cope.


I hope this helps you have the realisation I had last year, and makes some sense as to why you're feeling how you are.


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