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As a woman, do you hate running? This could be the reason why!


You can too!
Women Running

If you hate running as an adult, I'd bet the main reason is you struggle to breathe or you get breathless easily.

Then I'd bet you learned how to swim as a kid and most likely did it for many years through school and maybe on the weekends. Second to this you may have not played any sport that involved alot of running as a youth.

So now I'd also bet that your breathing style is very heavy on breathing in through your mouth, which (for running) is completely throwing you off.

Your body is telling you 'you hate running', when in fact it's just that you're just starving it for oxygen.

Next time you're running, notice your breath pattern. Are you breathing in through your mouth? Maybe you're trying to breathe through your nose but your breaths are too shallow. These little factors are stressing your body making it hard for it to operate effectively.

Here are a few different breathing techniques you can try to improve your running style. So have a play and see what works best for you!

  • 2,1- breathe in for 2 steps, breathe out for one step

  • 4,4,4,4- breathe in for 4, pause for 4, breathe out for 4, pause for 4.

  • 3,4,5- breathe in for 3, pause for 4, breathe out for 5.

The reoccuring factor with these patterns is rythm, and technique.

  • Focusing on breathing at the same pace/ rate, for each set.

  • Breathe deeply into your abdomen, not just chest.

  • Keep your body stacked, so ribs onto of hips. Eyeline up.

Also avoid running with music if you're just starting to get into running.

Typically we choose fasted paced songs, which are bodies try to align to. This means we go hard out the gate, and our breathe work struggles to fall in to an appropriate pace.

Give these ago on your next run and I hope they reap you the rewards your seeking as you start to love exercise!

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