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Meditation, mindfulness & positive affirmations

Do you meditate? I've heard so many times over the years from women who hate meditating, stretching and positive affirmations because 1. they can't clear their minds and 2. because they think they're just a hippie practice that doesn't work.

Did you know there is an abundance of scientific research that supports (science will never prove anything) meditation rewires your brain positively, improves immune function, decreases stress which improves gut health, increased memory and more, more more!

Mediation does not have to be an event where you connect with crystals, sit in an uncomfortable position and trip out.

Meditation can be as simple as sitting still for 5 minutes a day, taking some deep breaths and taking some space to slow down amongst the chaos that is life.

Mindfulness and positive affirmations can take this experience to a whole new level if you're ready.

Being present is wildly challenging in the world we live in, but if you can take the time to enjoy some stillness I believe you will enjoy it more than you realise.




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