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Easter Celebrations + how to stay on track!

As we move toward the Easter long weekend it's so easy to get consumed by all the consumables, i.e. easter eggs.

Unless you're one of those lucky people who just does not have a sweet tooth, it can be extremely difficult to pace yourself as all these chocolate goodies come into your house!

Often the narrative at this time of year is 'just eat the damn egg'.

Which is exactly what we want to hear, amirite?

But how many eggs can you eat under the guise that it's ok to eat the damn egg because it's Easter.

Then how often do we apply this narrative to our lives to accomodate the influx of choices we know aren't helping us get closer to our goals?

Birthdays x 5000




Work events


etc etc

Now I will never shame or tell someone that it's not ok to eat anything, because ya girl loves her food.

But I also encourage you to make mindful choices over this weekend, and all the others.

Are you going to eat another egg, even though you feel sick, just because it's easter?

Are you going to scoff all the eggs to get them out of the house, when you know you're going to go buy other snacks once these are gone?

Are you sneaking the kids chocolate once they're gone to bed because you just want a sweet treat?

If this is what works for you, then get it girl! I'm so happy you've found something that works for you!

But will power has its limits, and rather than just accepting that it's Easter so you're going to be derailed, try these tips to use the chocolate without it turning into a glutenous eating event;

  • Bake using the easter chocolate and freeze the snacks to eat over a longer period

  • Purchase chocolate alternatives for your kids, because you know they will get some from family

  • Let your husband/ partner fall on his sword and eat all the chocolate

  • Invite your kids friends over after school and let them go HAM on what you've got

I'd love to know if these tips work for you, or if you have any other alternative to manage your chocolate consumption over Easter.

You can reach me on insta @gymandtonicmovement




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