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One of my favourite tools when I'm stressed.

Sometimes I feel super overwhelmed & stress, and it doesn't matter how much self care I practice or me time I take I still can't get on top of these feelings.


When this comes up I use a tool which I call a brain dump. You may have heard of it by a different name, because I'm sure it already exists.


For me, a brain dump is a great way to list every single little thought that is floating around in my brain and help me get some sense into why I keep spiraling.


I did a brain dump today and I had 5 mini pages of notes- NO WONDER I'm STRESSED!


If you check out my stories this arvo I'll show you how long these lists are!


How I do a brain dump:

  1. pen and paper

  2. remove all distractions- phone, kids, etc.

  3. write down every single thought that enters my head. Sometimes these thoughts are big, and other times they're small. From things like texting my gran, to vacuuming the floor, to bills, to work I need to complete, to wanting to be more present. Absolutely every tiny thought I have gets written down.

  4. Sometimes I'll take a minute or two to have a break, and get a drink or go to the toilet then I continue.

  5. I can then sort out things that are time urgent, pointless, or important but at a later date and I can formulate a plan on what I need to do.

  6. I add things through the day are the come to me. This process provides me with so much clarity and also helps me identify the things I need to do, so I don't sit in that feeling of I have something to do but I can't remember.   I'd love to know if you do this, or if you'll give it ago!

Your friend,


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