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Our ethos revolves around helping you to love and appreciate yourself! It is your time feel the best you have ever felt in your life!

“Why am I a Personal Trainer and group fitness trainer? Why do I want to help women with their mental health through exercise? Why am I striving to improve women’s relationship with exercise, themselves and their happiness?”

This is my why.

I swam & danced through being a teenager but I was never an avid exerciser!

In 2009/10 it was my dream to join the Air Force. I put so much pressure on myself I developed exercise related anxiety. I couldn’t even run 100m without having a panic attack or feeling one coming on. I couldn’t exercise properly, I was eating terribly & partying way too much. The less I exercised the worse my anxiety got, meaning it was harder to exercise, which meant I became more unfit, which made my anxiety worse. You see the cycle.

I got to a point where I was so unhappy with how I looked and how I felt that I knew I need to make a change. I joined a gym and hired a Personal trainer. I explained to him how much I was struggling with moving my body, my mental health & my weight. We took things slow and within a few months I noticed a dramatic difference in my anxiety and my relationship with fitness.

Deciding to immerse myself in fitness, make a change to move on from my anxiety and not let it rule how I felt about myself, exercise and my goals, changed my life so much!

This is why I want to help you. To bring you the same joy & happiness & love I get to experience every day thanks to exercise, my community and my team.

I am so much happier in my life, myself and my mental health since I put myself first, took the plunge and challenged myself.

If you’re struggling with mental health, not just related to exercise, maybe post natal, maybe workplace, we can help!

We are 100% judgement free. We are 100% supportive. And we are 100% committed to working with you, the way you need to work, to help you achieve everything you didn’t think was possible!

Most importantly let's have some fun!

If you are ready to commit to changing your life, physically and emotionally we are ready to begin your journey together!

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