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What an arse hole!

You know what I’m talking about.. That little voice in your head that talks you out of doing something... Anything.

The one we often let win.

It tells us, we have tricked people into liking or loving us, because they don’t actually know the ‘real’ us (yet we are 100% authentic with them).

It says we are too stupid to study or educate ourselves because we will fail and that will be humiliating (even though courses/degrees are designed to support and guide us so we don’t fail).

It harbors that we are too fat or lazy to lose weight or exercise (even though our bodies and brains are designed to move and it will never let us down).

And finally it whispers repeatedly that you aren’t a good person and you don’t deserve anything good (even though you 100% do!!!!!)

You are worth every single diamond, dollar, unicorn dust particle that exists in this world. You are smart enough and strong enough to achieve anything you want to achieve.

Everyone around you knows it. I know it. And deep, deep down below that arsehole voice is a little voice who knows better.

We don’t often hear this little voice who knows better because it is overshadowed by the arsehole voice. But we do hear this little voice sneak in when the arsehole isn’t paying attention.

You hear it whisper, knowingly, that you are worth so much more than you think and its up to you to make the change in your life. That little voice also helps you understand that the arse hole wasn’t always this way. The arsehole was once humility, it was the ‘underdog voice’, which we actively chose to feed to appear humble or modest. We felt it allowed us to be accepted amongst our peers because we were not annoyingly bragging or boasting about our accomplishments.

But now it has turned into this beast that we can no longer stop hearing. It stops us from being happy, or healthy or academic or celebrating something we have worked hard to do! He keeps us awake at night fretting over things we may have said, or something we may have forgotten to do, or simply to shout out that you are not living your best life.

So now it's time to tell that arsehole voice ‘no way, get fucked, fuck off’ (sung to ‘am I ever going to see your face again- The Angels’).

Just like we did with humility, we must feed our little voice and let it resonate through our bodies, allow it to grow and give us the confidence to love ourselves, satisfy our dreams and be happy. You must listen to her or him and believe that what she is saying is true. Write a list of every single thing you want for yourself right now and start tapping into your little voice who is desperately trying to reach you and tell you that you CAN do it!

In the beginning that arsehole voice will not want to let you feed something other than itself, and it will try and stop you, so again you say ‘no way, get fucked, fuck off’!

Keep tapping into that small voice and repeating ‘no way, get fucked, fuck off’ as you move into the things that you know are feeding your soul and making you happy, whether it’s a new course, new bootcamp or just taking time for you.

Whatever you need it is yours.

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