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Take a breath.

Today we want to talk about breathing and why it is so important in women's health when exercising.

Most of you understand why you have to breath during exercise (and life); if you don't breath you'll eat concrete fast! But more specifically, what is it about breathing that makes it so important for women's health?

It's your pelvic floor, and its health and safety.

For those who aren’t entirely sure, your pelvic floor is a group of muscles that span the bottom of your pelvis (like a trampoline) and hold up your internal organs. These muscles are important in daily excretion movements and sexual function in both women and men. That's right men have a pelvic floor too!

Things like childbirth and constant constipation can damage your pelvic floor, leaving it weak, which is why it is so important to look after your pelvic floor when you can.

This brings us back to why it is so important to breath when you exercise. If you hold your breath during an exercise, whether it’s lifting heavy or hold a plank etc, you create a canister of air in your abdomen (stomach). This canister of air then pushes down on your pelvic floor, overloading it with pressure! When you exhale this pressure is released allowing your pelvic floor to sit naturally, opposed to barring down on it. Remember we want to bring the pelvic floor up towards the stomach not push it away towards your knees!

Breathing, along with pelvic floor exercises (another blog) helps strengthen and support this group of muscles, making your insides happier and working to prevent organ prolapse and incontinence!

Your pelvic floor is thanking you for right now, for taking the time to look after it, just as it looks after you!

Come back next week and we will go through some pelvic floor safe exercises!


(If you believe you have a damage pelvic floor always contact a health care professional for assessment and guidance.)




Robelle Domain, Springfield Lakes