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New health and fitness routine? Here's what you need to do!

Most of you know we firmly believe and promote balance in our lives. To us that means exercising and consistently eating healthy, but also enjoying wine, cakes and cheese guilt free.

Lives are meant to be lived to their fullest and we don't think depriving yourself of the things you enjoy is what health is about.

But what happens when you've gone too far, you've lost balance and there is less and less exercise and healthy eating, and more and more netflix and chill?

Most of the time you will feel like rat shit.

But this is an important part of your fitness journey.

It is important to recognise how you are feeling, when you are at point 'rat shit'. Do you feel more stressed, aren't sleeping well, is your patience lower and or frustration higher?! Most likely yes, because all these things are linked to exercise and healthy eating! I know that when I have skipped too many weeks of a balanced lifestyle, even some one just buying unripe bananas gives me the SHIIITTTS!!! I get so frustrated!

This is why when you are feeling motivated to start eating healthy, join a gym or new fitness program you NEED to reflect on why you are starting it, why you feel like shit, what is it about your current situation that is making you unhappy.

Then get a journal or piece of paper and write it down!!

So when you are starting to lose your motivation, you're contemplating eating KFC and maccas every night for dinner or skipping days and weeks of exercise you can look back and realise that you don't want to go back, that you can and want to keep moving forward because you want to be a happier, healthier you!

Shea xx




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