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When I lose weight..

Today was the first day in my adult life that I went shopping and I didn’t say to myself ‘when I lose more weight I’ll be able to wear stuff like this’.

Today is such a mental break through for me and it completely come out of no where. 🤯

I’m not the smallest I have ever been and I’m not the biggest.

I am, however, the happiest I have been. I’ve always been grateful for my body, and confident as a person, but every time I’ve gone shopping I’ve always fallen back into a nasty trap of feeling inadequate or uncomfortable with my shape.

I am the happiest because I’m doing something I love (Gym & Tonic Movement), I move my body regularly (3-5 x pw), I have the best relationship I’ve had with food in a long time (intuitively listening to my body and giving it what it wants, fruits vegetables, danish feta cheese and bacon 🥓 on the reg).

I am so comfortable in my body & so excited to be able to share it with you, so you know you’re not a lost cause. So you know that you can feel confident, strong and happy to!!

It’s up to you to take those steps to move forward with your life! 🖤

*this is my makeup free self love selfie




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