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Candy Cotton

1:1 Personal Training with Sasha

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Candy Cotton

Hi I'm Sasha,

After spending years always dieting and desperately wanting to lose weight hoping to change the way I felt about myself and feel happy with the person I was, I grew tired of never feeling like I was making a permanent change, so I decided to do the work to change my life.

After recognising that I was always trying unsustainable diets (most with too fewer calories), resulting in my weight fluctuating massively on either side of ‘healthy’ I knew I had to invest in myself to break the pattern.

Which is exactly why I decided to become a personal trainer!


As I have now emerged on the other side and can now consistently achieve my own goals and feel happier with who I am, I want to use my skills, experience and knowledge from my own journey to help others.

I understand that life can be hectic, and it is often tough to find time for yourself, but I am here to guide you every step of the way in reaching your goals and starting your own journey of self love.


It takes motivation, determination and consistency to succeed. And I know that while it won’t always be easy and you may have to face a few hurdles, you will find yourself looking at your body in a whole new light and this is why I want to support you.


I know you’ll feel happier, better and more confident..


All you have to do is take that first step towards a new life.

Candy Cotton


One on one training from the comfort of your own home, local park or a location of your choosing.

Being a mobile PT ensures you can expect a high quality service without the stress of going to a gym!

30mins- $45

45mins- $60

60mins- $75

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